Sunday, October 24, 2010


One Wednesday night at youth group an awesome video was shown to wrap up our creation serious that we were doing to kick of the new school year. It was really awesome because normally we don’t do videos for our messages and it really just summed the entire series up. What it talked about was how big God is. I really hope that I can get it up on here but it was just amazing to see the stars and how big they are .It really gave me an in awe moment as I watched it. It gave me a small feeling and showed me how small in comparison to the rest of the universe that I was. The best part about it though is that the God that created the universe and the God that made the stars by speaking them into existence is interested in me. He made my life, my body, unique so that only I have it and that only I am ever going to have the exact DNA that I have. The God that made the universe and the God that is the creator of all is coming after me and is seeking me out to have a relationship with him and all I have to do is turn around and meet him right where I am. I can never do anything to make him stop loving me and not want him and I can never make him stop running after me and pursuing me. I mean, it just is making my head spin as the creator of billions upon billions of stars made a tiny planet and put his finest creation on it and now wants to have a relationship with a tiny microscopic part of his creation, you and me. This has to be a two way thing though, it can’t just be him coming after you but you have to turn around and meet him. You have to want the relationship and want to have him as your father and not just use him as a get out of hell free card. He has a perfect plan for you and wants you to be with him forever in heaven one day. I challenge you that if you have not accepted Christ and this movie moves you in such a way that you wish to know him I would pray and hope that you would seek out someone in a church in your area or drop me a comment and I will help you through step by step. But I also challenge you that if you are hurting or if life just stinks right now that you would also stop and just know that the creator that created you wants you and will be with you to stick it out to the end. Hold on tight to him and don’t let go, but if you do let go always know that he will never let go of you. We worship and praise an amazing God that I cannot even fathom. 

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