Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Never Alone

BarlowGirl - Never Alone
From the album BarlowGirl

I waited for you today
But you didn't show
No no.
I needed you today
So where did you go?
You told me to call
Said you'd be there
And though I haven't seen you
Are you still there?

I cried out with no reply
And I can't feel you by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here and I'm never alone

And though I cannot see you
And I can't explain why
Such a deep reassurance
You've placed in my life.
We cannot separate
'Cause you're part of me.
And though you're invisible
I'll trust the unseen.


This song really shows how we sometimes go through struggles and we aren't really aware of if God is there and I just felt it showed great faith and what faith looks like.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hell , A Real Place

So today I looked around my school and just kind of took a step back. Have you ever stepped back and just looked at something. Well today what I thought about was pretty horrifying. Have you ever stopped and just thought about, well not to come across as harsh, but about everyone around you that is going to @#!*% . It isn’t that God isn’t loving or sends you there because of maybe one thing you did in your childhood, but because he is holy and can have no sin in His presence. Maybe it isn’t our responsibility for others actions and decisions but it does make you want to start telling people that you maybe have been avoiding. I mean if you haven’t ever thought about the people that you pass and what there fait is if they don’t have a relationship with our Lord and Savior I challenge you to take a second and do that. If it doesn’t move you I really don’t know what will. Sunday we were talking about authenticity. I know that it is a big word but basically what it means is being passionate about your faith and not just calling yourself a Christian on Sundays. It’s talking the talk and then walking the walk. I think one of the ways that we can be so authentic in our faith is basically telling others what we know and what we have. It’s a free gift from God that we should readily be giving to others. So I challenge you in two ways; the first is I challenge you to think about others fait and what you have to offer to them. My second challenge for you is to be more authentic in your faith and walk. (Trust me, I need work in both as sharing my faith in my high school still scares me quite a bit and my faith is not where it should be, or not to the degree that I wish it to be. I guess I have a lot of praying to do tonight!) I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope that your day reflects the God that we serve.   

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Patience. We all struggle with it to some degree, whether it’s checking out at the grocery store or waiting for the light to turn green. It’s a fruit of the spirit so it has to be important, right? Yes, but why is it important? Why does God want us to be patient? The answer just isn’t so simple. Patience is hard to come by, and this is (in my opinion) one of the character traits that many people, including myself, struggle with. Psalm 37:7 says “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.” God knows that he has given us an amazing gift in his son and ultimately in his son. He tells us clearly here in this passage that if we wait for this gift and trust in him that he will give us this. He also warns us though that the world will look better and that it will seem like the people of this world have succeed as well in the things they pursue. We know though that this isn’t the case; that the worldly things only lead to destruction and to hell. A second verse in Proverbs 14:29 says, “A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.” You see, God tells us that with patience we gain understanding and that we will be able to see and assess a situation before we jump right into it. If we have no patience and just jump right in, we could get ourselves into great trouble in many ways. So be patient and ask God to further your patience with the people you come into contact with each day as well as the situations that you might endure.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

God Gave Me You

Dave Barnes - God Gave Me You
From the album What We Want, What We Get

I've been a walking heartache
I've made a mess of me
The person that I've been lately
Ain't who I wanna be

But you stay here right beside me
Watch as the storm goes through
And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I've lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it's true
God gave me you

There's more here than what were seeing
A divine conspiracy
That you, an angel lovely
Could somehow fall for me
You'll always be love's great martyr
Ill be the flattered fool
& I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I've lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it's true
God gave me you

On my own I'm only
Half of what I could be
I can't do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I could never undo

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I've lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it's true
God gave me you, gave me you.
Gave me you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Matter What

Kerrie Roberts - No Matter What 
From the album Kerrie Roberts

I’m running back to Your promises one more time
Lord, that’s all I can hold on to
I’ve gotta say this has taken me by surprise
But nothing surprises You

Before a heartache can ever touch my life
It has to go through Your hands
And even though I, I keep asking why, I keep asking why

No matter what, I’m gonna love You
No matter what, I’m gonna need You
I know that You can find a way to keep me from the pain
But if not, if not, I’ll trust You
No matter what
No matter what

When I’m stuck in this nothingness by myself
I’m just sitting in silence
There’s no way I can make it without Your help
I won’t even try it

I know You have Your reasons for everything
So I will keep believing
Whatever I might be feeling
God, You are my hope, and You’ll be my strength

Anything I don’t have, You can give it to me
But it’s ok if You don’t
I’m not here for those things
The touch of Your love is enough on its own

No matter what, I still love You
And I’m gonna need You

I really liked this song because it just showed how no matter what we do in our lifetime God is still going to be there for us.

The Lord Strengthens us in Great Trials

Every day, week, month, year, and life is filled with trial. Whether big or small, for a day or for a couple of weeks, we will endure trial. Trials are God’s way of growing us spiritual and helping us to stay fit in or ways. God is never going to give us more than we can handle and he is going to stand next to us as we face each trial. Maybe we have become so caught up with the worldly things in our life that we have stopped having time for God. Or maybe there is a death or sickness that was unexpected. No matter what it is we always need to remember that God is always going to be on your side to help you out and you can call on him whoever you need to. God is waiting for you to turn to him and he wants you to turn and ask for help because he knows that you cannot do it on your own.
Proverbs 2:6 NSAB
For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
You see, God wants to help you and he wants to be there for you in the trials. The sad thing is that, me included, as human being most time we block God out when we need him the most. When we are facing the trial is when we try to do things on our own and I have been guilty of that recently. My accountability partner explained in a way that made perfect sense. “If you have a full plate without God, and then you put God back on the plate, than you are going to have a plate that is overfilled. This is going to stress you out and is going to make you start doubting yourself and your abilities. But you see, when you add God you have to take something off the plate that you replaced God with.” When he explained this to me and I had time to think about it it made perfect sense. So maybe you are overfilled right now and maybe you are stressed out. Ask your self questions.
1. Where is God? Am I calling on him to lead me?
2. Is my plate to full for God? Have I replace him with something else?
If you answered these questions after answering these questions it is time for you to get off the computer and just spend some time with God. Explore how he can help you through your trials and how he can help you to reorganize your life.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prayer; A powerful Weapon

A lot of times when we think about different ways that we can become closer to God prayer comes to mind. Why, well because we know that our relationship with Christ is supper important and in order to have a relationship with him we have got to have constant communication with him. But what if we stop communicating with him, what happens then? Well for one we are going to feel like we have drifted away from him. We won’t have the same spiritual connection which enables us to seek after God in awesome ways. Right now I am trying to get myself to get back onto God’s path because I have strayed away from him. It was a combination of things from just a bust schedule, not reading my Bible, and not praying. The praying part I think hurt me the most because I didn’t have a connection with my Heavenly Father. I didn’t have that link holding us together and helping me to seek after him so I fell away. It’s not like it all happens in a day. You don’t go one day being all pumped up and supper happy about your relationship with God and then wake up the next morning and want nothing to do with him. It is a gradual process that can take some time of you just being supper busy with things other than God or just deciding that he is no longer the best thing in your life. So basically my point is that you need prayer in your life so that you can have a constant relationship with God. He is your life line and if you pull the plug you are going nowhere. Don’t deceive yourself as you finish reading this article, leave the computer evaluating your life and deciding how you want your life and your relationship with God to change.