Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Lord Strengthens us in Great Trials

Every day, week, month, year, and life is filled with trial. Whether big or small, for a day or for a couple of weeks, we will endure trial. Trials are God’s way of growing us spiritual and helping us to stay fit in or ways. God is never going to give us more than we can handle and he is going to stand next to us as we face each trial. Maybe we have become so caught up with the worldly things in our life that we have stopped having time for God. Or maybe there is a death or sickness that was unexpected. No matter what it is we always need to remember that God is always going to be on your side to help you out and you can call on him whoever you need to. God is waiting for you to turn to him and he wants you to turn and ask for help because he knows that you cannot do it on your own.
Proverbs 2:6 NSAB
For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
You see, God wants to help you and he wants to be there for you in the trials. The sad thing is that, me included, as human being most time we block God out when we need him the most. When we are facing the trial is when we try to do things on our own and I have been guilty of that recently. My accountability partner explained in a way that made perfect sense. “If you have a full plate without God, and then you put God back on the plate, than you are going to have a plate that is overfilled. This is going to stress you out and is going to make you start doubting yourself and your abilities. But you see, when you add God you have to take something off the plate that you replaced God with.” When he explained this to me and I had time to think about it it made perfect sense. So maybe you are overfilled right now and maybe you are stressed out. Ask your self questions.
1. Where is God? Am I calling on him to lead me?
2. Is my plate to full for God? Have I replace him with something else?
If you answered these questions after answering these questions it is time for you to get off the computer and just spend some time with God. Explore how he can help you through your trials and how he can help you to reorganize your life.

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