Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prayer; A powerful Weapon

A lot of times when we think about different ways that we can become closer to God prayer comes to mind. Why, well because we know that our relationship with Christ is supper important and in order to have a relationship with him we have got to have constant communication with him. But what if we stop communicating with him, what happens then? Well for one we are going to feel like we have drifted away from him. We won’t have the same spiritual connection which enables us to seek after God in awesome ways. Right now I am trying to get myself to get back onto God’s path because I have strayed away from him. It was a combination of things from just a bust schedule, not reading my Bible, and not praying. The praying part I think hurt me the most because I didn’t have a connection with my Heavenly Father. I didn’t have that link holding us together and helping me to seek after him so I fell away. It’s not like it all happens in a day. You don’t go one day being all pumped up and supper happy about your relationship with God and then wake up the next morning and want nothing to do with him. It is a gradual process that can take some time of you just being supper busy with things other than God or just deciding that he is no longer the best thing in your life. So basically my point is that you need prayer in your life so that you can have a constant relationship with God. He is your life line and if you pull the plug you are going nowhere. Don’t deceive yourself as you finish reading this article, leave the computer evaluating your life and deciding how you want your life and your relationship with God to change.

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