Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The World

I am surrounded by it, and enclosed by it. We are affected by it every day for the good or for bad. This has changed over time. This is the thing that we call the world. I am not thinking about the physical world but about the culture and the society. How does this shape our lives? Many times society will tell you that certain actions, ideas, cloths, life styles, and other things are ok when if in fact they are not. They tell you certain things are ok when if in fact they go completely against the Christian faith. The sad thing is that many people buy into the lie. We think that we need more stuff, a bigger house, name brand cloths, and other wordily possessions to continue to be happy. If you are a Christian you already found happiness in Christ; Not only did you find happiness but you found lasting happiness. The only way that you can lose that happiness is if you separate yourself from our creator. Think about it. What are you counting on to make you happy?

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