Monday, August 23, 2010

God's Creation

God’s creation; his beautiful and perfect creation. A garden with animals living in harmony and everything exactly how it should be, until the fall. The fall did not mean that God’s creation was ruined and no longer perfect. It meant that us as humans were no longer enabled to live in full harmony with God. There was separation between us and God. Yes, after that animals began to be killed as food for other animals and as clothing for us humans but God still was a perfect creator as he created each animal perfectly. Maybe you have not look at God’s creation in a while. Maybe you have been a little bit too busy to stop and look but I challenge you before you do anything else to stop and take a moment and just be in awe of our Father’s creation. Just take it in slowly and praise the God that made it all and the God that has made you. You are a masterpiece created by God for God. You are perfect the way you are because God created you. I know a lot of times kids and adults look in the mirror and wish that they had something changed about their body or hair or you name it. What are you telling God? That you are not perfect? That he messed up when he created you? God created you the way that you are to be who you are so that you can bring glory and honor to him. He created you with a specific plan in mind and a purpose, not because he was bored some day and needed something to do. You are his perfect creation and you can do nothing to mess that up. So I pray that you will take the time right now just to thank God for making his wonderful creation and also for making you perfect. The next time you like in the mirror think to yourself, “I am God’s masterpiece, created perfectly.”

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