Friday, August 27, 2010


Do you know when your life is going to end? Do you know what tomorrow or your next breathe will bring? Of course not, no one does. But why do people continue to live life like they are for sure going to get up and go about their lives like any other day. I am no exception. You don’t know if you are going to get tomorrow because God has a perfect timing to take you out of this world and he will do it when that comes whether you are ready or not. Now I don’t want to depress you about dying but I feel like too many people look over it and try to avoid it. Society avoids it and labels it as something forbidden to talk about. You have no idea what tomorrow will bring so you need to live every day as if it is your last, all for the glory of God. I know that it is hard not to keep thinking ahead but we need to let God do that. Let him take care of the future because his plan for us is perfect. So maybe tomorrow instead of dreading the day of school, or work, or thinking about what you are going to do you get up and praise our awesome God with your first thought. It is not something that is not going to be very easy to do but if you work at it you will see a difference in the way that you morning goes. Praise him for the day, and his creation and just everything that he has done in your life. Realize that he loves you and wants the best for you but he also wants you to live for him, unashamed. You never know when God is going to take you off this earth so live every day for him. So the question for you is how are you living your life every day for Christ? If you’re not, what areas could you improve? The last question which is the toughest, If God took you off this earth on this day would you have any regrets or things that you would want to change? If so, the time is never better. Spend some time with our God right now and be honest and open with him.

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