Saturday, August 21, 2010

How Our Time is Spent Each Day

Have you ever felt like you just wasted time in your day? Maybe you woke up late and then just laid around and did nothing and then before you knew it it was time for bed. I know that I sometimes have days like that. Sometimes those days are nice and relaxing but most of the time it feels like it was just a waste; like you could have done so much more. Sometimes we forget why we are here and why we live each and everyday. Why we sometimes forget why we get up in the morning. It's not because the alarm clock happened to go off and we got up and left and went to work or school or wherever, but its because God gave us the day as a gift to please and glorify him. I struggle with this at times to but I really have been challenged lately. Instead off thinking to yourself when the alarm clock goes off about the dreaded school or work day just to think about our creator and how he gave you the opportunity to get up and live the day. It's tough to do but if you strive to change your outlook you may find yourself having better, and more eventful days. So if you find yourself dreading the next day and wasting time thinking about what you have to do and when you have to do it, just take a  second and thank the God who gave you that day to live and then go out and live it all for his glory.

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