Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tired, Exhausted, Sick, But Still Pressing On

So I went to the doctor’s office today and found out that I have pneumonia. Although I do miss school tomorrow, it kind of stinks as I can’t sleep through the night well. This weekend though, I have to run lights and play at a clean homecoming that our church is putting on for high school students that want to honor the Lord with their actions. I have to be drugged up and on plenty of Tylenol which dosen’t like me when I have to take it more than once in a day. I normally get pretty tired and out of it so running the light board for that night should be plenty fun. To make matters more complicated I have to get through a band practice and I have to play for worship to close the night. All I can say is that I better do a plenty of praying before I go up on stage. I think everyone else ought to pray as well, because it could be a very interesting night. I am so tired and it is only seven o’clock. I have to wait for my other medicine first before I can go to sleep though. Homework? No, not till tomorrow, I am much to tired and would rather focus on God tonight with the little energy that I have.  

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