Monday, November 22, 2010


I’m really not sure on what I am going to make this post about. I just wanted to make one though because I hadn’t posted in a couple of days. I’ll tell you, I am pretty tired from the just past day. I am so glad we only have two days this week because I am not so sure I would make it past that. Anyways, I was reading in Hebrews today, and I came across chapter 10. This chapter just seemed to really stick out to me because it was talking about sacrifice. Now that might seem weird on how that had anything to do with me, but just hang in there with me. I was reading about how they had two tents and one was for the sacrifices and the other was the holy of holies that only was entered once a year. Then it when on to say that when Jesus, our sacrifice died on the cross, they no longer needed the priests of the day to offer the sacrifices for the people. Jesus had been the final priest and offered himself as a sacrifice that was the final blood spill for man’s sin and there repentance, and now we could have a personal relationship with him.  He tore down the curtain blinding the common man from him. He enabled us to become as one with him, to when people look at us to see God instead of you. It is something so hard to grasp sometimes in my own mind but God gave me this body, it is his, and I want to live as if I don’t own it, as if I no longer posses any of my mind but that it is totally devoted to him and what he wants for my life. I want God to burn inside of me, not my own will or passion, not my own wants or needs. I need to realize that every other fire that is inside of us will fizzle out and will not succeed, but that God will reign and triumph over all. And when judgment comes, and believe Him when He says it is coming, I want as many people to be ready to stand up and to be called into his kingdom with him forever. Shouldn’t this be our ultimate goal anyways? Think about it.

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