Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fear of Daily LIfe

Have you ever found yourself scared of something, maybe it was the dark when you were a little kid. Well, for school I had to write a school paper that forced me to look at fear and describe it. I knew I had a problem when I used the word fear about 26 times in the first two pages so I decided to go online and find some words that I could replace fear with. Here is what I came up with: anxiety, concern, cowardice, despair, dread, fright, horror, jitters, panic, scare, terror, timidity, trembling, unease, and worry. As I read this list and though about the words and how I could use them I came to a scary realization, that this is what had described my Christian life at the high school and middle school for much of my life until recently. I continued thinking about it and tired to think about why this was and why as Christians we seem scarred of our faith and what others think about us. No matter where you are whether in school or in a work setting we have to deal with this aspect of life. This is what I came up with. When the world hears the word Christian they associated that with perfect, and happy and having everything together when in fact we know for sure that this is not the case at all, we know that we are anything but perfect and that we are far from this. Because of the title that we are given though we feel like we have to live up to this and if we don’t that everyone will hate us even more. In all reality there is only one thing that separates us from everyone else in the world. It isn’t the church we go to, or the way we view life, or the pastor that we listen to on a Sunday morning. It is the God that we worship daily and that created us with perfection and is living in us daily. When you have God in your life, your life should be different and your life style should be different from that of the world but that doesn’t mean that you have to have everything all together and not have any problems. What this does mean though, is that when you do face the problems and hardships in your life you will be able to overcome them and stand through them on our rock and salvation.   

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