Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Priorities in Life

What is number one in your life? Well, the Sunday school answer would be God, right? But truly look at your life and tell me what is number one. Is it your car, house, kids… or maybe it is a friendship or other relationship? Why isn’t God first? What could you do to change that? God needs to be priority and you need to run to him and go after him with everything that you have, and anything that hinders you should be cut off. Maybe this means to literally get rid of it, and to discontinue it in your life. Or maybe you need to take a break from it to cast all your attention on God and his plans for your life. I am striving to make sure that God’s plans are the plans that in my life I follow and that it is his wisdom I seek, not man’s. If you can’t run this life’s race going after God and you let other things hinder and distract you, you may find yourself running the course the wrong way. So I guess my question for you is, are your priorities straight, and are you running after God with him first in your life? That is my goal, to follow him with everything that I have and to do his will. What is your goal?

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