Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not Letting Satan Have His Way

Have you ever felt that if something could go wrong it would go wrong? Or that Satan knows that something good is going to happen and so it seems he does everything possible to make sure it doesn’t. Like take tonight as an example, the homecoming dance we are doing for kids to have a clean atmosphere. I got pneumonia.  One of the other band members fell ill last night, unsure on whether she will come or not. The last thing I did to myself was bruising my finger from playing too much guitar. It is black and blue and swollen. Now I am icing it but I just wanted to ask for prayers that everyone gets through tonight. I know that God has something amazing in store for tonight and I can’t wait to see him move in amazing ways!

1 comment:

  1. My Friday was just like this. I've been praying that your impact last night was more than you could ever have imagined! Get well my son.