Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Days and What Lies Ahead.

Each day that goes bye is another day closer to something. Another day of opportunistic, and another day of failures. Another day of good and bad. Another day of sweet and sour. Some days have more of one then the other but rarely does a day go bye where both are not incorporated. Another thing each day brings is people. People who know Christ and those who don't. People that are nice and people that are mean. The responsible and irresponsible. The loved and unloved. Everyone on this earth is the same, in the way that one day we will all be together in judgement day. God will judge the actions of the people and he will look to see who's names are in the Lamb's Book of Life. Everyone around you will have to face this day. Not everyone's name is in that Book and yet we continue to sit back and let others take care of it, because maybe, just maybe the people aren't important to us. I want to tell you something though, they are completely and one-hundred percent important and loved by God. He sees them in pain when we just pass them by and he sees their future in hell while all we see is our future in heaven. I am leaving to go to Peru in the middle of this summer. I hope to be their about two weeks on a missions trip. It isn't my first one but it is definitely the first one out of country. I have to have an interview with some of the advisors and my youth pastor and basically they ask me questions to make sure I am willing to go and am growing in my walk with God. I am not scared of the interview, or the plane ride, or getting lost, or the animals in the rain forest, the thought of being attack, the thought of being unwanted, the thought of being imprisoned, the thought of being killed, the thought of not coming back, the thought of injury, the though of lose, or the though of not being in technology range. Their is one thing though that I am deathly afraid of though, and that is that when I get to heaven and seeing my heavenly father and not hearing, "Well done my good and faithful servant." What do I want to bring back from this trip? Nothing. Sure the memories and the experiences will be there but I want to exhaust myself for these people, I want to be spiritually exhausted, I want nothing to come back with me and I want to hold no part of my self from God because he is the reason I live and he is the reason that I am going. He is the reason the citizens in Peru are their and he has awesome plans for them. I don't want to mess God's plans up for them though because I was selfish with my energy, or I turned someone away who was interested, or I didn't make that one child feel loved and excepted. Everything I am is God's and I want him to be all powerful their. If I come back with something I will be disappointed with myself. I am doing what God is calling me to do and I am asking now what are you willing to do for him? What are you willing to surrender for the people around you? Anything? Anything at all? Take a moment and think about this as you go through your life. Think of what our God demands and how you don't fill it. Think of what he did for you on that cross. Then think of the people that are going to hell because they don't know about him. Does it make you want to start living a more passionate life? It does for me.


  1. Amen!!! Thank you for this post! What a true encouragement to see other kids who are just on fire for the cause of Jesus Christ! Please keep us updated on your trip and sounds like an incredible opportunity. Have a great week brother!

  2. I had similar feelings when I got back from a missions trip to Mexico last summer. I was worried that I had taken too much from the trip and that I hadn't really helped the people there. God and others showed me that I had truly done the best that I could and you will too as long as you have the attitude that you already have. I look forward to hearing more about the trip! God's blessings to you as you prepare for this venture!