Saturday, December 18, 2010

What is the Meaning?

As we approach the Holiday season and as everyone is going around getting ready for Christmas, it seems that as Christians we get caught up in the world’s way of celebrating Christmas and the world’s meaning of Christmas and we forget what we are really celebrating. Yes, Jesus came to the earth to save the world but this goes so much farther than that. God gave up his only son to the earth to be born in a stable. He came in the most humble way, and yet the point I want to stress is that God gave up his only son, from  the heavenly thrown, and allowed him to come to earth to fix our messing up. I can’t imagine even though I am not a Dad, giving up my only son to save a bunch of people that sinned over and over again and continually mocked me and spit upon my name. I’d have enough trouble just forgiving them let alone giving up my only son to die for them. I want you to take a couple of minutes right now and think about what a sacrifice that this was and what really took place on that night. Think about the discipline of Jesus life, to live it perfectly, and then to die a horrible death. Then just reflect on the people, you and me, which he did it for. He did it to save the sinners of this world, and gave us an opportunity to live with him forever. He gave us a chance to have a relationship with him once again. I challenge you to this; when you get up on December 25th, think about this sacrifice first. I know it will be hard and not the easiest thing as you may think about the presents or the food or all of the cooking and cleaning you have to do for family. Try, and spend some time with him that morning just reflecting on what he did for you and the world. I don’t think you can have the same outlook on this part of the year again if you remember and make what he did the most important thing of all.


  1. So I just wrote on my blog, did Jesus say, "Not my will but yours Father", when he was told to come to earth as a baby? What a sacrifice that was. The Son leaving the Father.......just as much a sacrifice I think.

  2. I just found your blog and I really like the focus that you are taking. I just recently started blogging and I am hoping to share God's message and love with others as well.

    And yes, wow, what a HUGE and WONDERFUL sacrifice God made when He sent His son. Thank you for reminding us! I know that I often get swept up in the business of things and forget what the true focus of Christmas and my life should be. Really, everything else pales in comparison to God and His love.


  3. Thanks so much for droping bye. I will be constantly checking out yours as well. I hope that you enjoy what you find here.