Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I was going through these really cool websites where people can post anonymous stories. I have it linked to the side. One of the side links off of this website is called Kids Give Me Hope. I began reading and just am blown away by, well, kids and what they are willing do. Here is and example.
       Yesterday, my daughter died in a hit and run.

        She was biking home. A passing stranger found her and called 911.

        Sadly, she died at the hospital from blood loss and brain trauma.

        The doctors told me her last words were "forgive him."

        Her forgiveness and love GMH.

What forgiveness, what love. Yes this was a tragic accident for the family but the forgiveness of the child. Of all the things she could have said like tell my family I love them, or I hate the man that did that, or something else, she opted to forgive that man. How quick are we as Christians to forgive? I mean many times we find ourselves in a battle to come through and forgive and yet she was so quick. So my challenge to you is to look and see how quick you are to forgive, and if God can forgive you so quickly then shouldn't we also forgive? You see, God makes it very plain in the Bible. If you forgive others, I will forgive you. If you don't forgive others, I can not forgive you. So making that plain, where do you stand? I encourage you to forgive freely and to check out both websites to see just what some people are going through.


  1. Wow, amazing story! How wonderful to be able to forgive like that!

    I've learned (though not in a nearly as traumatic way) that forgiveness can be very challenging but is also extremely freeing and definitely worth it.

    Thank you for posting on this topic as I feel that it's a very important one that many people are dealing with.

  2. Your Welcome. I try to hit a wide range of topics that have to do with our wonderful creator and all that he has planed for us.