Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peru... The Ups and Downs

     In Peru I was taught a lot of different things as far as physical things and spiritual things. I made some lasting friendships with other people in our group. There are three things that stand out in my mind that I think you might be interested in. The first would be an awesome experience of evangelism. Two of my friends and I had been very disappointed in our efforts in reaching out to others so we took it upon ourselves to go our and talk to someone. After are group session at about eight o'clock we left our hotel and just started walking. We each had a Spanish background but none of us were even near fluent. So we just started walking and I pointed at a random guy sitting in a chair on the sidewalk and said that is the guy we need to go and talk to. So we went up to him and started sharing the gospel with him and started telling him why we were in Peru. He was catholic and though that good works got him into heaven and so we tried to reason with him which was quite difficult seeing as we didn't always understand him and didn't always know how to say what we wanted to say. In the end we ended up sharing with him an evangelism booklet and then we prayed for him and then left. We have no idea if he accepted Christ but we felt good after our experience. This experience really taught me to just trust God because half the time I had no idea what this guy was saying and I had no idea how to respond. It taught us three really how to trust God because he had to do the talking through us because we had no translator with us.
     The second thing that was awesome was that at about the same time that night we saw God come through again in a powerful way. One of our seniors has severe back problems to the point where it took here quite awhile to get up in the morning and it hurt to sit or move. So that same exact night our group of about one hundred got together and prayed for her. As she was walking up the stairs she fell to her knees on the landing. She then stood up with her own power pain free. Our advisors were having a meeting and this girl came sprinting back down the stairs and starting jumping around the lobby where the advisor meeting was going on. The best part was that my youth pastor was so surprised that he fell off his chair. It goes to show you the power of prayer.
Oh, darn.... I got this far and then I can't even remember what the third thing was. When my mind stops playing games on me I shall return and continue to tell you some more God stories....


  1. I don't have much room to talk, but where are the posts my friend?

  2. I had lost my want to write but the Lord has restored in. Thank you for challenging me!