Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wow, So Long

I just realized how long it has actually been since I did anything with this blog. I mean, at one point in time it was my outlet for just about everything. And since, I admit, I have been a bad boy and I have not posted anything. Peru was an excellent experience for me. I got to go and see how a different culture lived. I meet some awesome new people down there and I was very pleased with how God changed my life and also continues to change the lives of the others that went. My favorite part of the entire trip though was the part when we got to go to church. They love music down their in Peru. I mean, they had an entire hour just set aside for music and then we did more at the end. Of course we didn't know any of the words so we just clapped along and had a good time. While the music was being played they asked us to do the message. So many of us were able to stand up front and share our testimonies with the congregation. It was awesome to see their response. They kept asking for one more! Oh, the one thing I forgot was that we got to do Sunday school before hand with the little kids. That was pretty fun but that only lasted for an hour. So when all of the pictures had been taken and we finally left we realized we had been in church for three hours and that was only one service! Imagine if we made time for our Lord and Savior here in the states. What would our Christian lives look like? Would they be so stale and stagnant? I am inclined to think they wouldn't. Oh, so much to tell but also so much to do. I will definitely do a better job at keeping you all posted.

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  1. Your trip sounds amazing! I experienced a similar thing when I went to church (in Mexico). The people there were just so on fire for God that the service was so amazing. It was awesome. I'm glad that you had such a great experience and I hope to hear more!